These times are bringing changes. Big and memorable or quiet and deep; shared with others or weathered alone; full of joy or grief; they carry us from a known world into the unknown, from a familiar self to self who is not yet known.

Being in transition can feel like being alone in the middle of a river, the constant movement exhausting, the far side hard to see. We know that in time, we'll reach the other bank, root ourselves in new ground, make a new wholeness. But in the meantime, it's good to have helping hands and places of rest to strengthen — and sweeten — the way.

Honey in the River is a playful, soulful workshop for meeting life changes and transitions with joy, humor, and new perspective. Over the course of three hours, father-daughter team Josh & Simka Senyak will guide you through a series of creative body- and soul-grounded practices, exercises, and experiments to explore where you've been, where you're going next, and how to sustain yourself through the intensity of it all.

Honey in the River will offer you a chance to:
  • bring your body and mind into a sense of safety and stillness
  • define the big questions you're sitting with, without pressure to come up with the answers
  • uncover a council of guides, heroes, teachers and elders who can bring you support
  • discover old, half-buried "rules of behavior" in your life and transform them into allies
  • learn techniques for recognizing and harmonizing conflicting parts of your soul
  • nourish yourself on the next steps of your path
... and of course more along the way.

You WON'T be asked to:
  • share anything you don't want to
  • be part of others' processes
  • simplify, bypass, or reduce complex experience
  • take any of it too seriously.
If you're sitting with big questions about where you're headed, and finding yourself daunted by the unknown in front of you...

If you're experiencing both grief and hope as you work to reconcile your experience of the past with your vision for the future...

If you're craving new, creative and inspirational ways into the depths & truths inside you...

Then this workshop is probably for you.

Let's make our way through the unknown with renewed clarity, joy, and courage.

Honey in the River will take place online on Sunday, May 22nd, from 10am - 1pm PST / 7 - 10pm CET. Registration information here.

Since this is a new workshop, we're excited to offer it at a steep discount for its maiden voyage! Cost: $30 / €30 — PLUS — a sincere request that you fill out an evaluation questionnaire (frankly and anonymously) when the workshop is complete, to help us shape future editions.

Curious about the exercises? Josh and Simka have put a couple of self-paced exercises online. You can check them out here and here.

About the father-daughter facilitator team

SIMKA SENYAK (they/them) is a nature-based life coach and workshop facilitator focused on the intersection between language, perception, kinship, ceremony, and the body. They move countries approximately every five years, and are currently based in Berlin, Germany. Simka can usually be found growling at self-help books or geeking out over mycelium.

JOSH SENYAK (he/him) is a writer, consultant and teacher, with a degree in philosophy and mathematics. He's taught, to highest reviews, in subjects ranging from physics to music theory to software design to creative writing. Having lived around the world, raised two daughters as a single father, fostered countless nonprofits and co-authored published scientific papers, Josh likes to believe he's gained some small piece of wisdom in this lifetime.